Skills and Experience

Most of my career has been spent as Head of IT at Watershed in Bristol, but I have always mixed full-time work with freelance roles in a number of other organisations and contexts – both commercial and creative – gaining experience and insights into how people, systems, structures and technology all interact.

Here’s what I can bring to your organisation or project:


…a deep knowledge of technology – both under-the-hood and user-facing – and how people interact with it. From networking, routers and VPNs to unix systems administration, and from Office365, Sharepoint and Azure to web hosting and email, I develop systems and workflows which are secure, usable and useful.


…a people-focussed outlook, which means I want to understand your IT problems holistically and in the context of your organisation, not just as standalone puzzles to be cracked. Rarely can technological change act in isolation, instead it must be integrated carefully.


…my experience working across the entire hierarchy of IT, from a support technician to a senior manager. With 20 years’ experience heading up an IT department, but also 20 years’ experience of systems administration and user support, I offer knowledge and advice at every level.


…a love of the whole range of IT consultancy, from a 30 minute fix to a large organisational restructure. I believe it’s vital to do plenty of small-scale jobs to keep your eye in: without them you lose touch with the way people interact with technology, and the everyday problems they face.

I make stuff work

This has always been my motto. It can mean anything from a single line in an htaccess file to a strategic restructuring of an organisation’s technical provision. Whatever the problem, my goal is to make sure everyone involved sees a positive difference.

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