Oliver has been an invaluable partner with us on a wide range of projects across the past 10 years. He brings an acute and enthusiastic intelligence, rigorous problem solving, clear communication, and a calm and patient approach to every step of the process. He is a delight to work with, and there’s no-one else I would turn to as a first port of call.

– Nick Triggs, Digital Cultures Research Centre/UWE Bristol

I worked with Oliver for two decades at Watershed – he combines a thirst for exploring new solutions with a dedication to making things work sustainably. His focus is always on what’s right for the situation, taking a holistic view of capacities and capabilities to deliver solutions which are practical, productive and ambitious. IT that works for you is what he delivers. 

– Dick Penny, Watershed Managing Director 1998-2018

Oliver has helped to transform the way we think about organisational IT strategy and effective tech support for the Knowle West Media Centre team and projects. With his guidance we have been able to build capacity within our team, focus on what is needed right now, and make plans for the future.

As a community-based arts and media organisation Oliver completely engaged with our values, understood our collaborative practice, and helped us focus on solutions that meet our needs, nurture individual team members within the organisation, and ensure we have the right skills and practices in place to meet the future.

– Carolyn Hassan, CEO Knowle West Media Centre

I feel very very blessed, that Oliver has worked with me on art projects and supported the IT side of my business for over 15 years! A technical whizz, he’s extraordinarily clever, trustworthy, reliable and I consider him a fine friend.

– Luke Jerram, Artist

Oliver is a pleasure to work with. Pro-active, responsive, highly knowledgeable and never leaves a stone unturned.

Michael Hawkins, GO! Pesto

As a provider of live streamed CPD, the reliability of our video streams and website is vital to our offer. Oliver did a deep dive into our technology stack and created solutions at every level, from configuring our hosting backend in a way that increased ten-fold the number of simultaneous logins, to training our technicians in creating and troubleshooting live streams.

He also provided invaluable help in stress-testing our systems and on one notable occasion, given very little notice, was able to save us from complete disaster. During those early days of growing my business it was immensely reassuring to be able to call on someone with such a huge amount of knowledge, coupled with a collaborative and supportive approach to his work.

– Steven Bruce, Director, Academy of Physical Medicine