Smaller Jobs

I find great satisfaction in smaller jobs – things like fixing up website code, swapping emails and web hosting between providers, popping an SSD into an older computer, getting a good live streaming setup working from home, or just general advice on how to use Office365 and similar systems.

Not only do I gain a feeling of satisfaction from helping people out, but I get to keep abreast of how people use computers: what technology they’re using and what they expect from it. I find it extremely valuable to talk to people about these subjects so that I can ground my main strategic practice in people’s everyday experiences.

It also keeps me in practice at communicating in a simple, easily understood way: this is something I insist on doing, always, but it’s important to continuously adapt and improve language and metaphors when talking about technology and this is best done on the job.

Having been a systems administrator for many years, including running large email and web services along with creating networks and firewalls, I know most technologies inside out and can immediately see the root cause of most problems. I have run a Nominet tag and so understand the domain system, including DNS, which is vital when moving hosting or changing your main domain.

I have also run live streaming systems since the early 2000s, and can offer expertise on everything from large streaming events down to simple home multi-camera setups for live streamed tutorials.

No job, as they say, is too small. Just ping me an email and I’ll get straight back to you.